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Online HMO Approval

Complete the form below to process your HMO requests at least 2 days prior to your visit.

You will be required to upload your valid ID, HMO card, and test request issued by an HMO accredited doctor with corresponding diagnosis. Unmatched details may result in delay of approval. We will contact you to verify some information if necessary.​

Kindly note submission of this form should be at least 2 days before the scheduled date and that approved requests are only valid within 2 days from appointment date.


You will receive a confirmation email once your request has been successfully received. Please bear in mind that you will receive another confirmation email or phone call from our staff once your booking and approval have been confirmed.

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Make an appointment

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Fill out Patient details

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Fill out HMO details

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Fill out Doctor's details

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Submit the request for approval


Make an Appointment

Please select date at least two (2) days from today.

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