Anatomic Pathology

SurePath Liquid-Based
PAP Test


Hi-Precision Diagnostics now offers the SurePath Liquid Pap Test, an FDA-approved liquid-based Pap test offering an advanced solution for Pap smear preparation.

Comparison between Conventional method, ThinPrep and SurePath

SurePath Liquid Pap Test offers the following Advantages:

        • Safe and Effective        
                     Easy-to-use collection technique ensures 100% of collected sample is sent to the laboratory.

        • Less Worry        
                     Greater cell yield significantly reduces “Unsatisfactory” and “Satisfactory But Limited By (SBLB)” cases which means fewer repeat visits.

        • Reliable Results        
                    SurePath Liquid Pap test reduces any unwanted cellular material (e.g., blood, mucus, etc.) and provides greater clarity for diagnosis.

        • Flexibility        
                   An effective collection method provides the laboratory with enough specimens for repeat testing, if required. Residual sample can also be used for additional or further testing.

        • Stability        
                   Samples are stable up to 4 weeks when stored properly at room temperature.

For Physicians:

• Safe and Effective        
     64.4% increase in the detection of HSIL+ lesions, increasing your chances of finding abnormalities.        
     SurePath Liquid Pap test uses a non-hazardous, non-carcinogenic ethanol-based preservative for specimen collection. No special handling or storage requirements.

• Fewer Patient Call Backs        
     Proprietary process reduces obscuring material and cell debris, giving you a clear view of diagnostically relevant cells.        
     Statistically significant reduction of Unsatisfactory cases thereby reducing unnecessary repeat sample collection and testing.

• Less Worry        
    Easy-to-use detachable head collection device ensures that 100% of collected samples are sent to the laboratory for processing. None of the collected cells are discarded in the clinic.

• Flexibility & Stability        
    Ample sample volume is sufficient for repeat or additional testing, if required. Collected sample is stable for up to 4 weeks when stored properly at room temperature.

• Workflow Efficiency (optional)        
    Sample vials are never re-opened in the laboratory during processing. Samples are processed with no human interaction to the vial’s contents.        
    Walk-away automation with minimal hands-on for staining procedures allows for high throughput processing of up to 48 samples.

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