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Mobile On-Site Service

Hi-Precision Diagnostics also offers mobile on-site services to companies and industrial clients who prefer to have their employees’ pre-employment, annual physical, or other medical requirements done at their own facilities.

Here we offer an extensive line of tests which include the following:

     •   All laboratory Tests                    
     •   Ultrasound
     •   On-site Drug Screening Test   
     •   Medical X-Ray
     •   Complete Urinalysis   
     •   ECG
     •   Stool Analysis      


Our MISSION TEAM is composed of seasoned medical technologists and technicians who are well trained in handling large volumes of patients. Clients are also assured that medical examinations will be conducted with utmost quality, care and compassion.

For blood extractions, we use BRAND NAMED, QUALITY TESTED SYRINGES that assures smooth and less painful extraction.

For medical x-rays, our AUTOMATED PROCESSING MACHINE allows on-site developing of films, assures quality results, and avoids the hassles of repeating the exam at a different location.

We also use GREEN SENSITIVE X- RAY FILMS which provide clearer results for physicians to evaluate the patient’s condition.

All blood chemistry tests and urinalyses are processed through our state of the art, FULLY-AUTOMED DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENTS which are interfaced to our computers to provide accurate and immediate results. This assures consistency of results compared to manual reading which has some human subjectivity.

We BAR-CODE ALL SPECIMENS to prevent any error or mix-up that could occur.

Aside from individual results, if requested, we could also provide a TABULATED SUMMARY OF RESULTS for your filing purposes.


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