Fully Automated Bacterial Culture and Sensitivity
Tagline: Microbial ID/Anti-susceptibility testing (AST) you can count on for relevant antibiotic therapy 
Helping the clinician select the best treatment fast based on right identification and resistance information is crucial. Hi-Precision Diagnostics utilizes a highly automated microbial ID and anti-microbial susceptibility testing (AST) system which provides same-day identification and antibiotic susceptibility results.
Our automated microbial ID/AST system allows us to accomplish the tasks in less time and still focus on those tough tasks requiring a microbiologist's specialized skills.
Hi-Precision Diagnostic’s microbial ID/AST system includes the following features:
A. A unique ID/AST card: a unique concept for same-day identification and susceptibility test results for 95% of routine organisms.
• Designed to provide ID/AST results in as little as 5 to 8 hours.
• Reduced hands-on time, no additional reagents are required.
• Optimized user safety as it is a closed disposable.
• Maximum traceability provided with the pre-applied card barcodes.
• Lightweight reduces disposable costs.
B. Extensive database capable of identifying over 330 species of microorganisms
C. Capable of performing Gram-Negative, Gram-Positive and Yeast Identification & Susceptibility Tests
D. Advanced Colorimetric Technology
E. Advanced software system providing an unequalled experience in susceptibility result   interpretation. The software validates and interprets susceptibility test results, and detects   antibiotic resistance mechanisms. It is the most developed software system in this field, and is        capable of identifying even emerging and low-level resistance.
With the combination of these unique features, the vast majority of routine testing and resistance detection can be achieved in the routine microbiology laboratory (N.B.: In some cases additional information regarding MIC values is needed).
Equipped with Blood Culture Analyzers and Bio Safety Cabinets. This section performs all bacteriologic and fungal tests in a controlled environment.
•   Fully Automated Bacterial and Culture Sensitivity Testing
Quality Assurance Program
All Hi-Precision Diagnostic laboratory equipments under go regular preventive maintenance and calibration programs by highly trained and competent technicians. We closely monitor the quality control of all our laboratory tests, ensuring our customers of fast, reliable and accurate results.

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