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Login for Patients

You may refer to the instructions below for your login details.

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1.  Login your account. 

2.  Click "register" and enter your email address (for new accounts only).

3.  Verify link in your email address (for new accounts only).

4.  Select "my account" in the upper right portion of the screen.

5.  Nominate new password.

Your initial username is your PID found in your Order Form (under patient's name) and password is your

Last Name (in CAPITAL Letters).


Our system does not support characters, symbols and spaces. If your last name contains any of those,

remove the space or symbol and change the special/non-English character to its equivalent in standard

English before logging in.

Ex: Last name: CRUZ-DELA PEÑA;    Password: CRUZDELAPENA

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Login tips.

  • If you cannot remember your Username and/or Password, click Forgot Password.

  • Still having problems logging-in? Please send an email to Health Online at

How to change password?

Click here to contact us.


Look at your receipt and check for the highlighted parts to see

your Username and Password

Order Form of

Order Form of

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